Richard Bobholz is the Senior Managing Attorney at the award winning Law Plus Plus in Durham, North Carolina. There, he manages a team of attorneys and interns as they strive to provide the best possible legal services to small business owners and nonprofits. Beyond the services they provide, Richard and his team give back to the community through pro bono and community service work regularly, including projects like their 30 Companies in 30 Days program.

Richard Bobholz is an avid writer and has published numerous articles, books and novels. He spends much of his career and personal life writing and enjoys the hobby. Richard is also eager for opportunities to guest blog on other sites where his legal experience may be useful.

Beyond his career driven accomplishments, Richard Bobholz is also an avid networker and amateur computer programmer. Combining these two fields, Richard has developed software to make networking easier for those men and women who network as part of their careers.